Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Stay Tuned ...

... to this blog near you!!!

Assuming I can remember how to write and publish posts, I will be back to creating and blogging {full-time} very shortly.  My drastic life change that happened here has reversed itself which means creating and sharing is once again on the horizon.

It's hard to believe that I haven't blogged since the middle of June, but life was so crazy that I simply didn't have time to create anything for my July Design Team commitments so I had nothing to blog about. {Yikes!} Having said that, August is now two days away so I will be super busy during the next 48 hours creating, photographing, and preparing to publish my August Design Team work.  #ibettergetbusy

For you lucky readers that have stuck around (#thankyouforyourloyalty), I will be back tomorrow to share the cah-ute card that I made for my mother's birthday today.

So sit back and stay tuned ... I will be back tomorrow!!!

Stampin' Hugs!!


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