Tuesday, March 11, 2014

7 Days to St. Patty's - Day #2: Pour Box

Hello Readers!

On the 6th day before St. Patrick's Day the Handmade by Hallie blog gave to you ... oh nevermind!!! 

Let's be honest, you can only greet your readers day after day in so many clever ways and since this is my 18th blog post, I'm quickly running out of greetings. I suppose I could make a game of it and start translating how I greet you into various languages and then you could guess the language and then translate it back to English; however, I'm sure you'd prefer I just greet you with a boring greeting instead. If for some crazy reason you like the first idea, leave me a comment and I will aim to please. In the meantime, I will move forward and share with you today's St. Patty's Day item. A Pour Box ... with a spout ... and M&M's. 

This is actually the second pour box that I've made. I made the first one a couple of Decembers ago and filled it with Magic Reindeer Food in order to attract some venison for our freezer as a treat for Santa's reindeer.  You can see that version here. No need to fret, no reindeer were harmed that Christmas Eve, or any other Christmas Eve for that matter, because I do not like venison. But I digress .... 

Pour Box with closed pour spout:

(click to enlarge)

Pour Box with open pour spout:

(click to enlarge)

The pattern and instructions for this nifty little pour box can be found here. I printed the pattern out on Crumb Cake cardstock and then cut it out using my totally awesome, all-time favorite, off limits for my husband and boys, Stampin' Up! Craft Scissors (Item #: 108360). Trust me, if I post the item number ... you NEED them!! I added some Gumball Green DSP to each of the panels and used the Pansy Punch to punch the window. I cut a square from a transparency sheet and used Sticky Strip to secure it to the backside of the window. After that, I assembled the box according to the directions and used Sticky Strip to stick each of the sides together. Next, I wrapped a piece of Gumball Green Ribbon around the box and tied a bow at the top. To finish my pour box, I printed the sentiment using my laser printer, cut it into a banner, and attached it under the bow using a glue dot.

Hallie's Helpful Hints:

It is best to fill the pour box BEFORE you seal the top closed, otherwise you will have to insert your candy thru the pour spout.

Sticky Strip is a pressure sensitive tape. This means you need to apply pressure to it, using something like your bone folder, in order to release the red "bologna" tape so that it peels off easily.

Have a blessed Tuesday and I will see you back tomorrow.


  1. Such a beautiful design! I think this is one of my favourites so far!!!

  2. This one is my favorite! Great job!