Thursday, April 10, 2014

Girl vs Grunge!!

Girl vs Grunge?!? I'm so glad the title puzzled you ... let me explain.  The Gorgeous Grunge stamp set is one of those sets in the catalog that I continually gazed right over because it was so "not me". I would occasionally stop and ponder it for a short, and I mean very short, moment and then move right along to something "more me". Now add in this little or big thing called Pinterest and I'm sure you can see where the story is headed. That's right, I started seeing a number of cah-ute cards being made with the Gorgeous Grunge set so I began to think I might need it. This new interest made me study the cards I was seeing and revisit the stamp set in the catalog. After doing this a few times, I took the plunge and bought it ... and then it arrived ... and then it sat neglected in my stamp closet ... and then it happened. I got the urge to mount the set and make something gorgeous but grungy. That lasted all of about a few minutes because in that short time I became overwhelmed when nothing, and I mean nothing, I stamped looked right.  I simply wanted to use the set to make a few cards to put in yesterday's Berry Basket - was that too much to ask?!?  Apparently, YES, it was! The Crumb Cake splatters were all over the place, the Soft Suede splotches were too dark, the Real Red speckles looked like a dying animal was bleeding all over my cardstock, and the splattered grunge look didn't align with my extremely linear OCD brain that has to have everything in order, in line, in shape, in whatever!!  Needless to say, it was terrifying so I ditched the whole idea, put the stamp set back in the closet and got out my favorite go-to Polka Dot Parade DSP to make the notecards I put in the Berry Basket. Unlike Gorgeous Grunge, my Polka Dot DSP never ever fails me! So there - take that Not So Gorgeous Grunge!

Now fast forward to today; I was determined to overcome and win my battle with Gorgeous Grunge. GG won the battle yesterday so today was my turn to be victorious. After spending way too much time and cardstock trying to organize the splotches and splatters (see linear OCD brain comment above) I finally gave up and randomly stamped the images all over my piece of Whisper White cardstock. My victory came when I had a huge mess all over the cardstock and grabbed my oval nestie, placed it over the part that looked the most appealing to me, and ran it through my Big Shot!! Viola! I had a freshly cut grungy oval that I was happy with which meant I was the winner!!

Once all of that drama was behind me, the rest of the card was really simple to put together. I followed the MOJO339 Sketch and in no time at all, I had a finished card that I was pleased with.  -thankyouverymuch-
(click to enlarge)

(click to enlarge)

Not gonna lie, Gorgeous Grunge is back in timeout the closet and I hope to drag it out again sometime soon, but I'm not going to make any promises or guarantees. I'd love to read your feedback on both my card and the Gorgeous Grunge set.

That's all for now!

Hugs, Smiles, Blessings, and Happy Stamping!

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